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Welcome to CooperOwen, The World’s No. 1 Auction House for Entertainment and Music Memorabilia.

CooperOwen was formed in 2001 by Mick Fleetwood of The Fleetwood Mac phenomenon together with Ted Owen a worldwide authority of collective music memorabilia. The company was then known as Fleetwood Owen. The Grand Celebrity Opening was held at Harrod’s in London.

The venue for live auctions were held at the famous Hard Rock Cafe, London attracting a massive celebrity audience and status.

In 2002 the company changed hands from Fleetwood to Cooper. Cliff Cooper the creator and seller of the Orange logo for Mobile Telecommunication Company, became an active partner to Ted Owen. The company then based in Denmark Street, London, a famous musician haunt.

During this partnership CooperOwen made global news by setting a world record price for the sell of the famous John Lennon’s Imagine “White Piano” to Music Icon George Michael.

In 2005 Ted Owen and Cliff Cooper sold the company to form the new CooperOwen Plc founded by Louise Cooper and John Collins.

CooperOwen Plc held the Music Legends Gala Auction in July 2005 at the Hippodrome, Leicester Square, London. The John Lennon Collection set new world records and CooperOwen became a global media caterpillar.

At our launch auction in July 2005 we shattered the World record for the Beatles lyric “All You Need Is Love”, which fetched £690,000 ($1.25m).

Our second successful auction was held at Madame Tussauds featuring props from the Sgt Pepper album cover. The waxwork Beatles’ heads used on the cover of the album were sold for £95,000 ($150,000).

John Lennon’s School anthology book, which contained art work and stories from his child hood one of which was the famous ‘Walrus’ this great item of rock pop culture memorabilia sold for £126,500.

The Ian James personally owned guitar, friend and school pal to the then young lad Paul McCartney who taught Paul his first ever chords of major significance, which lead to John Lennon’s attention of Paul’s talents to later achieve the phenomena of the ‘Beatles’. This rare and valuable and highly regarded guitar sold for £330,000 at the famous Abby Road Studios last year. ‘Fantastic’ was the buyer reaction; a very worthy collector Mr. Muscle Car, Craig Jackson, of Phoenixes ‘West World’ Barrett Jackson Muscle Car auctions in Arizona, USA. CooperOwen was the first commercial auction house to ever venue a public auction at the famous Abbey Road Studios.

CooperOwen Plc were scheduled to float on the AIM Stock Exchange. Before float CooperOwen was valued at £6 million. The float was postponed due to company reorganization.  CooperOwen Plc ended in 2007 and was continued as CooperOwen by Louise B. Cooper who has dedicated herself to bring CooperOwen into the new Millennium.

In 2008 CooperOwen venued a live 3 day auction and Music Concert at the world renowned Royal Ascot Race Course in England where a Star Studded music Concert was filmed and greatly received. Amongst guess performers supporting CooperOwen’s Event, appropriately called ‘The Gathering’ Denny Laine, Jessie J, Blue Bishops, Jnay, many other artists including StarScream, Freddie Mercury aka Steve Littlewood known has ‘The Great Pretender’ and Beatles tribute world class act. Simply Marvellous.

Louise Cooper wanted to demonstrate that live auctions need not be a quiet tedious, stuffy affair. During the Event that was filmed by a Ten man camera crew (a promotional clip can be viewed from our front page link) Louise produced & compiled a pilot to be commissioned by a major Television Network. So a very successful and ground breaking Auction experience was enjoyed by all who participated.

The 3 day event contributed support to Louise’s chosen charity S.E.N.S.E that supports deaf and blind children throughout the U.K.

Indeed apart from S.E.N.S.E CooperOwen has supported Cancer Research, Homeless Children of Brazil organisation, Montserrat Foundation, Live Aid, AIDS Foundation and many other global Charity organisations over the years.

Louise will be releasing her haunting Album Titled ‘The Women With 2 Heads’ later this year of which Louise will be donating 50% of all album sales to designated Charities that are close to her heart.

CooperOwen and all of our 5 Million audience will be amongst the very first lucky Collectors to support Louise’s love for Music and giving to her chosen Charities.

CooperOwen is simply the Worlds Number 1 entertainment Auction House providing the Best Platform for both Buyers and Sellers throughout the World of Music/ Media Heritage.

Louise B Cooper – Founder and Creative Director

louise_cooperAs founder of CooperOwen Plc it was Louise’s inspiration that led to the realization of CooperOwen (www.cooperowen.com), a global memorabilia market place that would be exciting and also have a healthy element of fun.

Whilst her career prior to CooperOwen had been dedicated to styling, refurbishment and design, Louise has been for many years a writer and composer of her true love, music. Her debut album will be available on iTunes soon.

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