Lot Description From To Image Bid Live
Lot Description From To Image Bid Live
1 The Beatles / Paul McCartney: previously personally owned and worn brown fringed leather jacket
A well worn leather jacket, with fringe braiding to front and along the arms
Given by Paul McCartney to JoJo Laine (Denny Laine's ex-wife) who provides a letter of authenticity explaining how Paul often wore this jacket on his farm in Scotland where she lived on and off for years
5000 7000 Bid Live
2 Selection of various rock posters from the 1980s including Jethro Tull, Santana and Eric Clapton including Jethro Tull poster Crest of a Knave mounted and framed, Santana Concert Poster 1980 Kalvoya Festivalen, Eric Clapton Crossroads, The Cure Mixed Up, Jean Michel Jarre, Lloyd Cole No Blue Skies, Pretty Things Savage Eye poster, Prince 1-800 New Funk 1994 and Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Pink Floyd poster "A Collection of Great Dance songs", 1981, Elvis Presley three limited edition photographs signed by photographer, signed by photographer and numbered 94/200, 88/200 and 96/200 (QTY) 200 250 Bid Live
3 reprint of the classic poster for UK Winter Tour 1974 10 20 Bid Live
4 six pieces of sound proofing (baffle) from the control room of Studio Two removed during refurbishment in 1983 800 1200 Bid Live
5 The Beatles: figurines, Invicta Plastics brooch & two scatter pins
A set of Beatles figurines marked Hong Kong No167BB, The Fabulous Beatles Jewellery Brooch in the form of a guitar shaped brooch by Invicta Plastics and two Golden Beatles scatter pins, one featuring a beetle on the guitar and another with four beetles on musical bars (4)
100 150 Bid Live
6 Music / Theatre Memorabilia: rare unpublished ABBA interview CD, canned invitation to the BRITS 2003 and large quantity of backstage passes / tickets
comprising ABBA rare unpublished ABBA interview CD recording of interviews with Bjorn Ulvaeus and ABBAs sound engineer and costume designer in 1998/1999 used in the promotion of the musical Mama Mia , ABBA Gold promo only CD and 'Mamma Mia' programmes, tickets including an invitation to the German opening performance in Hamburg and two tickets and three programmes for the show and promo only Mama Mia cork stop, collection of passes and tickets to include various performances by artists such as Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, The Who, Jean Michel Jarre, the Shadows, The Jam, Paul Weller, Chicago, Neil Young, Mark Knopfler and others, most 1990s/2000s together with a tinned invitation / wrist band to the BRITS 2003 and two metal medallions commemorating the final night of the musical CATS (Q)
200 250 Bid Live
7 The Beatles / John Lennon: original pen and ink drawing by John Lennon, 1978
drawing of a mountainous landscape with seated figures and Japanese symbols, initialled 'JL' to the bottom right and dated '78'

From the private collection of Jesse Ed Davis
Given to Jesse Ed Davis by John Lennon
Jessie Ed Davis was an American guitarist and well regarded session musician who provided lead guitar for Lennon's album 'Wall and Bridges' (1974) and 'Rock and Roll' (1975)
800 1000 Bid Live
8 Film: Saving Private Ryan (1998): military style cast and crew jacket, a cotton khaki jacket with shield patch on left arm 'Saving Private Ryan 1997', with button fastening
Given to the cast and crew as a thank you gift from Tom Hanks' Oscar winning movie
250 300 Bid Live
11 MU51C TV Registration plate on retention certificate 10000 15000 Bid Live
12 comprising a fitted mini-dress, made of white watered silk, with a high neck and long sleeves which slips into a matching sleeveless Cossack-style ankle length hooded wedding coat trimmed in ivory mink, fastening with silver braid and diamonte ball decorations
Lulu worn this dress at her marriage to Maurice Gibbs of the Bee Gees which took place at Parish Church, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire on 18th February 1969

Please note four of the lower fasteners are missing from the long vest.
600 800 Bid Live
13 Selection of CDs and vinyl including Van Morrison unpublished interview CD together with a selection of promo only and unreleased CD recordings

an unpublished promo only interview with Van Morrison in 1999, together with a promo only sampler of The Philosopher's Stone, a rare copy of the unreleased CD No Prima Donna (Morrison disliked it), four promo copies of the CD Celtic New Year, two sealed copies of the Special Edition CD box set Magic Times together a Jam promo newspaper produced for 'The Jam Box Set', promo sampler and
three limited edition 'In the City' singles, 1990s, a rare Trans-Global
Express newspaper produced for the release of The Jam Box Set in 1997, a promo only CD sampler for the set and three 25th
Anniversary Limited Edition The Jam In The City singles together with two Screaming Lord Sutch LPs, Rainbow shaped 45, Queen & Jimi Hendrix 45s and Who Singles box promo badges (QTY)
100 150 Bid Live
14 Film: Collection of signed postcards and photographs of cinema organists, 1930s
Including Dando, John Howlett, F. Rowland, Tom Jenkins and many more (QTY)
100 150 Bid Live
15 Signed photograph of Gracie Fields, a selection of 1920s / 1930s / 1940s autographs and signed photographs of entertainers and musicians including music hall artists and cabaret stars
Including mounted signed letter and photograph of Will Fyffe, three Wee Georgie Wood signed photographs, autographs from The Merry Macs, Leslie Hutchinson, George Robey, Cicely Courtneidge, Jack Hulbert, Stanley Holloway, Issy Bonn, Frank Randle, Max Wall, Vic Oliver, Tessie O'Shea, Radio Revellers, Wee Georgie Wood and Harry Worth, Ken Dodd, George Formby, Beryl Formby, Charlie Chester, G. H. Elliott, Ted Heath, Donald Peers, Randolph Sutton, Joe Loss, Wilfred Pickles, Leslie Sarony, Elsie & Doris Waters, Oliver Wakefield, Jimmy Wilton, Kenny Baker, Geraldo, Denny Dennis & Annie Shelton lot also includes a collection of Charlie Chaplin postcards (QTY)

200 250 Bid Live
16 The Beatles: Headshots of John Lennon and George Harrison
Twenty three 35mm black and white negatives featuring individual portraits of both John Lennon and Geroge Harrison in a variety of poses. To be sold with copyright.
900 1200 Bid Live
17 Farewell From The Cream' original promotional poster for the 1969 final LP 'Goodbye'

Cream Poster: Measures approx. 30 x 40 inch (76 x 101 cm)
200 250 Bid Live
18 Queen: A complete set RIAA Gold Album Awards for the album 'A Night at the Opera', 1970s
individual awards presented to Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, Brian May, John Deacon and the band manager, in recognition of more than 500,000 copies sold in the USA, RIAA certified
NB: It is unusual for a complete set of awards to remain together as each person would have been given one to keep individually. These awards from the record company were due to be presented to the band during their USA tour however the show was cancelled due to Brian May contracting hepatitis as was the entire tour and the presentation never took place. The awards were stored and found 25 years later and have been kept together ever since.
7500 8500 Bid Live
19 promo sticker for Elvis Presley in his new M.G.M. picture "Jailhouse Rock" with black and white photo of Elvis in profile together with the only existing file copy of a letter dated 22nd November 1957 to Tom Diskin in which Trude Forsher, personal secretary to Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker, tells him that the stickers are very popular and in short supply. The letter is on Paramount Studios letterhead where Elvis and staff had already set up offices for the filming of King Creole.

Each lot comes with a Letter of Authenticity from Trude's son.

This lot is illustrated in the book 'The Love Me Tender Diaries' by Trude Forshe, edited by her son.

8cm diameter
150 200 Bid Live
20 Queen: A BPI Gold Award for the album 'A Night at the Opera', 1975
presented to Freddie Mercury, in recognition of more than £250,000 worth of sales in the UK
3500 4500 Bid Live
21 Sold together with a copy of a photograph of Trude Fosher and Col. Parker holding the balloons on the backlot of the studio
Each lot comes with a Letter of Authenticity from Trude's son.
This lot is illustrated in the book 'The Love Me Tender Diaries' by Trude Forshe, edited by her son.
80 120 Bid Live
22 Film: One Million Years B.C./She, British Quad Double Bill film poster, 1968
Artwork by Tom Chantrell, Hammer Film Productions, starring Raquel Welch & Ursula Andress
200 250 Bid Live
23 Queen: RIAA Gold Award for the album 'A Night at the Opera'
presented to Freddie Mercury, to commemorate sales of more than 500,000 copies in the USA, RIAA certified
3000 4000 Bid Live
24 An original copy of the first all-Elvis concert souvenir photo programme
Dimensions: 28cm x 21.6cm
200 250 Bid Live
25 Queen: Withdrawn inner sleeve artwork by Richard Gray for 'JAZZ' album, 1979,
deleted artwork design for the inner sleeve of the JAZZ album cover, signed in pencil to bottom right hand corner R.A. '79
1000 1500 Bid Live
26 Elvis Presley: measurements for movie and stage costume, 1956
Trude Forsher's original type written memo noting Elvis' measurements, the original office reference copy which she kept for wardrobe and costume people to use. A rare and personal piece of Elvis memorabilia.

Each lot comes with a Letter of Authenticity from Trude's son.

This lot is illustrated in the book 'The Love Me Tender Diaries' by Trude Forsher, edited by her son.

Dimensions: 21.5cm x 13cm
280 300 Bid Live
27 Queen: Promo poster for the album 'The Show Must Go On',
deleted and destroyed poster, rolled
NB: This poster was designed to promote one of the last singles that was released when Freddie Mercury was still alive. Once the poster had been printed the management decided it should be destroyed, as the wide black border around it looked more like a mourning advertisement than a promotional poster which just didn't seem or feel right given the circumstances.
500 600 Bid Live
28 Elvis Presley: page from his Personal Secretary's Desk Calendar with 'Jailhouse Rock' notes, 30th April 1957
A page from Trude Forsher's desk calendar with handwritten reminder of Elvis' pre-recording studio appointment.
It was on this day that Elvis worked on a soundtrack recording from 10am to 6.10pm at Radio Recorders Studio. During the session he metHound Dog and Love Me co-writers Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller for the first time. The three men discovered a shared passion for the rhythm and blues music that inspired them all. With Leiber and Stoller with him in the studio, Elvis recorded their title song Jailhouse Rock.

Each lot comes with a Letter of Authenticity from Trude's son.

This lot is illustrated in the book 'The Love Me Tender Diaries' by Trude Forshe, edited by her son.
400 500 Bid Live
29 unapproved promotional poster for Wrangler Jeans featuring Freddie performing at Live Aid, the poster was deleted and banned as permission to use Freddie's image had not been granted, 100 posters were printed of which only 10 - 15 survive 500 600 Bid Live
30 Freddie Mercury: A large promo poster for the album 'Great Pretender',
deleted promo poster, in two parts, rolled
500 600 Bid Live
31 Theatre: selection of ballet, theatre and classical music posters including Rudolf Nureyev and the National Theatre
selection of posters from the Bolshoi ballet, National Theatre, 1960 reprint of Adam Forepaugh & Sells Bros circus and others
100 120 Bid Live
32 Promotional poster for the AIDS benefit on behalf of the Mercury Phoenix Trust held at the Carre Theatre in Amsterdam featuring dancers from the Bejart Ballet Lausanne, the ballet was choreographed to the music of Queen with costumes designed by Gianni Versace, signed by each member of the ballet company in black marker 500 600 Bid Live
33 Mick Jagger: previously personally owned and worn jacket,
a red satin jacket printed overall with pattern of dragons, pagodas and other oriental motifs, front with six buttons and four pockets with button-fastening, single vent, inside pocket labelled Hung On You a Londres, blue and white floriate lining, a Michael Rainey for his 'Hung on You' boutique
6000 8000 Bid Live
34 Queen / Freddie Mercury: in-house record company award
from Warner Pioneer Japan congratulating Mr Freddie Mercury on the superlative album A Night at the Opera, 1976, serial number P-10075E
3000 5000 Bid Live
35 Starsailor: Stage-played Remo drumskin signed by band members with photograph of The Strokes,
in black marker pen and brio, dedicated, 2003, with a black and white photograph of the The Strokes by Pennie Smith (British, 1949-), test print image of The Strokes outside a liquor store, signed by the photographer Pennie Smith
Dimensions: drumskin 37cm in diameter
Print size approx. 12 x 9 inch.
100 150 Bid Live
36 Sex Pistols / Steve Jones: previously personally owned and stage worn camouflage cargo pants,
the green and brown camouflage trousers autographed in black marker by Steve Jones, worn during the 'Filthy Lucre' Reunion Tour 1996, with stage used set list (2)
250 300 Bid Live
37 Come Jiving to the Fabulous Flintstones' poster
also featuring Alan Curtis the 'Sheik of the Shakes'
100 150 Bid Live
38 Film: Three 8 x 10 headshots of actresses including signed photograph of Isabella Rossellini,
the youthful photograph signed in black fountain pen, Margaret Fodd signed in purple marker pen and another actress, selection of 15 large publicity stills for various films from the
1970s including actors such as Catherine Deneuve, Christopher Walken and
Gerard Depardieu with productions by Quartet Films, Atlas Films, New Line Cinema, Exxcell Film Group, two prints of cartoons of Laurel & Hardy and large images of various film stars

150 200 Bid Live
39 Sport: Muhammad Ali (1942- ) American Boxer, World Heavyweight Champion
The colour image showing Ali in a three quarter length view striking a punch bag. Signed in blue ballpoint pen ink by Ali to a clear area of the image and dated 7/25/90 in his hand.
400 450 Bid Live
40 clipping of two headshots signed in blue ink and 8 x 10 candid press shot 100 150 Bid Live
41 Sir Winston Churchill previously personally owned and worn cream felt Fedora hat, 1965
the cream felt hat made by Herbert Johnson with label
Purchased by Madame Tussauds for use in their exhibition
Inside diameter measures 58cm
4000 4500 Bid Live
42 Sir Winston Churchill personally owned cigar and pack of playing cards
A boxed deck of 52 playing cards, the reverse with facsimile signature, together with one of Sir Winston's signature cigars, a Havana Corona, purchased by Madame Tussauds at auction from the collection of Roy Howells R.G.N. who was nurse to Sir Winston from 1958 to 1965. (2)
Cigar measures 17cm
2000 3000 Bid Live
43 Hist: Queen Victoria personally owned and used, Jubilee Birthday book 1887
A commemorative Jubilee Birthday Book, the green cover with gold embossed lettering, each date with a quotation for the given day, some entries. Published by Joseph Mead, London
3000 3500 Bid Live
44 Hist: Queen Victoria previously personally owned and worn black feather aigrette
the black feathers curled to create a delicate plume
Measures 21cm tall
Purchased at auction by Madame Tussauds in 1982 from the collection of a descendant of a Lady in Waiting to Queen Victoria
N.B. The aigrette was a fashionable new hair ornament in the 1890s
500 1000 Bid Live
45 Hist: Queen Victoria previously personally owned and worn pair of ivory silk slippers
inscribed 'Worn by Her Majesty March 1847', identical to those worn at her wedding, made by Gundry & Son
An extremely delicate pair of tiny striped white silk slippers with bow detail to front, labelled on the interior 'Gundry & Son Boot & Shoe Makers to the Queen. The Queen Dowager. Their Royal Highnesses The Duchess of Kent Princess Sophie. Soho Square, London', one inscribed Left on the interior.
24cm long
2000 2500 Bid Live
46 Elvis Presley: previously personally owned and worn patterned shirt, Monzini knit by Monticello, 1960s
a blue and white patterned long-sleeved shirt labelled Monzini knit by Monticello previously personally owned and worn by
Elvis Presley, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the Elvis Presley Museum
From the collection of Madame Tussauds
750 1000 Bid Live
47 Film: Black Hawk Down (2001) 9mm U.S. Ranger Pistol prop
A rubber, black and brown painted prop handgun used during production of the war epic
100 150 Bid Live
48 cardboard poster for the Empire Theatre Liverpool Saturday 7th December 1963 featuring Juke Box Jury and a concert by The Beatles to be filmed by the BBC 1000 2000 Bid Live
49 Including two signed photographs of Shauna Sand, two signed colour photographs of Cindy Margolis and mounted autograph of Rachel Hunter with nude photograph together with a print of Marilyn Monroe nude posing for Playboy (6) 100 150 Bid Live
50 A flyer for Bob Dylan at the 1969 festival listing other performers including The Who, Fat Mattress, King Crimson and many others with ticket order form on reverse, together with a programme and complete two-day ticket for the event, both designed by David Roe. Lot also includes a flyer for the Dylan Film 'Don't Look Back' at the ICA (4) 180 220 Bid Live
51 signed by all four band members Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, Brian May and John Deacon in black brio in each of the four corners, framed 800 1200 Bid Live
52 The Beatles Japanese EMI CD sales award for The Beatles Past Masters Volume Two
Presented to EMI records in recognition of excellent sales in 1988 Toshiba - EMI Ltd, mounted, framed
Overall measurements 9 x 11 inch. (23 x 28 cm)
200 250 Bid Live
53 a piece of white paper signed Rick Wright, Nick Mason and Roger the Dodger (Waters), all in pencil 200 300 Bid Live
54 and Nick Baines, a Stratocaster style guitar with lake placid blue finish, signed on the scratchplate by Ricky Wilson and Nick Baines in black marker
Height: 100cm
350 450 Bid Live
55 a Fender DG-5 acoustic guitar, with sunburst finish, signed on bottom right of body by Katie in black marker
Height: 104cm
350 450 Bid Live
56 Link Wray: a stage-played guitar made by Gibson circa 1950s,
6-string prototype Gibson Model SG guitar, custom-made lightweight with flat neck for Link to accommodate his small hands, Serial Number 99679, solid mahogany body, with a cherry finish with a 'Jesus Lives' badge attached to the body, in hard case
It was on this instrument that Link recorded and played until he purchased the 'Screaming Red' guitar
15000 20000 Bid Live
57 Bloc Party / The Zutons: a guitar autographed by both bands,
a Stratocaster guitar, with a Fiesta Red finish, signed on the scratchplate by Kele Okereke, Russell Lissack, Gordon Moakes, Matt Tong, Abi Harding, Dave McCabe, Boyan Chowdhury, Sean Payne, Russell Pritchard and Paul Molloy Stratocaster in black marker
350 450 Bid Live
58 made by Hagstrom circa 1990s 350 450 Bid Live
59 Snow Patrol: a guitar autographed by Gary Lightbody, Nathan Connolly, Jonny Quinn, Johnny McDaid and Paul Wilson, a Fender Squire Telecaster guitar, with Vintage Blonde finish and applied 'Snow Patrol' and snowflake, signed on the scratchplate and body by all five band members in black marker 350 450 Bid Live
60 a set of four unused tickets for concerts that were cancelled due to John Bonham's sudden death, mounted and framed, limited edition numbered
Tickets for concerts scheduled to take place in mid November 1980 went on sale to the public through newspaper adverts on 24th September however the next day fans awoke to news of John Bonham's death. The concerts were cancelled and printed tickets were never sent out to fans. These tickets were preserved by one collector who created this limited edition commemorative set.
150 200 Bid Live
61 collection of five portraits of Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts commissioned by Jackie Magazine in 1965, framed and glazed
Dimensions: 53cm x 58cm
800 1200 Bid Live
62 Brian May: limited edition portrait print on canvas,
signed by Brian May and dated 2006 in silver marker to bottom right corner
N.B: The Action for Brazil's Children Trust has teamed up with online art gallery Oak Apple Art and its artists to produce a stunning composite portrait of ABC Trust patron & rock legend, Queen guitarist Brian May.
Brian kindly provided a photo which Oak Apple Art then cropped and digitally divided into 12 sections. These sections were then passed to 12 of their artists who each painted their section of the portrait in their own individual style.
These paintings were scanned and digitally stitched together. The result is a wonderfully eclectic mix of visions of Brian May.
Overall measurement approx. 27.5 x 27.5 inch. (70 x 70 cm)
400 600 Bid Live
63 Come with me' counterculture poster printed by American Newsrepeat Co 243 Collins St San Francisco 94118 together with 'Far Fetched Foods 915 Page St.' offset lithograph poster, printed by Double H Press 3877141
An example of this poster is held in the Oakland Museum of California

150 200 Bid Live
64 The Beatles: memorabilia including Paul McCartney 'Pipes of Peace' LP, signed, George Harrison 'Got My Mind Set On You'; artwork proof for single, 'How I Won The War' lobby card
Paul McCartney album inscribed 'cool' and signed by Paul McCartney
‘cool'; with doodle in black marker, George Harrison ‘Got My Mind Set On
You'; artwork proof for single, 1980s, 'How I Won the War' lobby card
featuring Michael Crawford and John Lennon, 1967, The Beatles promo poster for Anthology Orion Publishing, John Lennon Walls and Bridges poster, The Beatles Complete Compact Disk Collection, Limited edition No 000309, The Beatles artwork based on the photograph by Angus McBean,
'How I Won the War' 41cm x 54cm
1000 1500 Bid Live
65 The Rolling Stones: 'Beggar's Banquet' LP signed by Mick Jagger & Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger signed photograph, together with an album signed by Bill Wyman
'Beggar's Banquet' album signed on the reverse by Mick Jagger and Charlie Boy (Watts), both in blue ballpoint pen, Mick Jagger signed photograph, mounted with signed 45 single 'Rain Fall Down';, together with 'Je Suis un Rock Star' album signed by Bill Wyman in blue ballpoint pen (3)
250 300 Bid Live
66 Jimi Hendrix Rainbow Bridge Concert The Late Show, 1 of 100 gold mounted record,
issued in recognition of its worldwide success, limited edition collectors series 1 of 100
200 250 Bid Live
68 Buddy Holly: and the Crickets concert poster, Liverpool Philharmonic, 1958
Thursday 20th March 1958
44.5cm x 64cm
400 600 Bid Live
69 colour poster of a young Robert Plant signed in blue fountain pen to centre, framed
Dimensions: 90.5cm x 61cm
150 200 Bid Live
70 The Rolling Stones: Knebworth Fair concert poster by Hipgnosis, 1976
circular poster for the Aug 21, 1976 concert also featuring Don Harrison Band, Todd Rundgen's Utopia, 10cc, Hot Tuna, Lynyrd Skynyrd
40 60 Bid Live
71 Hootie & the Blow Fish: 'Fairweather Johnson', Silver LP Award RIAA
presented to Lou Sicurezza
100 200 Bid Live
72 Film: Colpo Grosso (Ocean';s Eleven) poster featuring Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra, 1960
poster by the artist Ciriello, printed by Vecchinoi & Guadagno Prima Edizione MCMLX
400 600 Bid Live
73 Elvis Presley: handwritten lyrics for ‘Young & Beautiful';, 1958
from the movie soundtrack to 'Jailhouse Rock'
Lyrics paper measures 30.5cm x 20.5cm
Frame measures 53cm x 83.5cm
2000 4000 Bid Live
74 The Supremes: concert poster, Lincoln Centre Philharmonic Hall, 1965 by Joseph Eula (American 1925 - 2004)
colour poster featuring artwork by Joseph Eula
30 50 Bid Live
75 The Rolling Stones an original Decca promo poster for the single 'Jumpin' Jack Flash', 1968,
black and white poster, Decca F12782

Dimensions: 46 x 62cm

600 800 Bid Live
76 Film: Fantasia Walt Disney posters, psychedelic reissue, 1970
portrait poster, Buena Vista R70/24, landscape poster both mounted on canvas
100 150 Bid Live
77 Former tour manager and 'fifth member of Status Quo' Bob Young was the 'Young' in Young & Moody.

Measures approx. 19 x 19 inch. (48 x 48 cm)
100 150 Bid Live
78 Woodstock poster by Arnold Skolnick entitled 3 Days of Peace & Music White Lake , N.Y., signed by Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane in black marker, together with Woodstock 10th anniversary signed by photographer Elliott Landy

250 300 Bid Live
79 Psychedelic: Four posters comprising two Moody Blues concert posters, Robb Brown, 1970, Masquerade Ball, Tuten / Bread design, signed by Randy Tuten, 1979 and underground Comix exhibition poster
comprising two Moody Blues concert posters, Tape Head Company presents Love, Blue Cheer, Fever Tree Terrace Ball Room, Stan Schubach No 6. Robb Brown and Moody Blues and Cold Blood concert poster, A Tug Production Stan Schubach 1970, a promotional poster for an event No. 3, Masquerade Ball, Tuten / Bread design, signed by Randy Tuten, 1979, designed by Randy Tuten and Daddy Bread (Bill Bostedt), printed by Tea Lautrec San Francisco, signed in silver ink by Randy Tuten together with a underground Comix exhibition poster Robt. Williams ‘Messages from a drunken room'; Psychedelic Solutions, 1987 (4)
200 250 Bid Live
80 Four psychedelic posters including 'London come wearing just a smile' black and white counterculture poster by Alan Aldridge from Canned London, a Moore Galleries Presents, 535 Sutter Street San Franscisco Jul 17, 1967, First Edition 1200 Calif. Litho Plate, by Mouse Studios, a Osibisa poster by Roger Dean, 1972, published by Big O Posters and a Third Ear poster by L.Darnton, printed by the Word, 1969 (4) 150 200 Bid Live
81 Film: selection of Walt Disney posters including Bambi 1975
two 1970s posters Bambi printed by W.E . Berry Lyd 1975 Technicolour and Donald Duck Goes West Technicolour along with 1990s releases such as Aladdin, Pochhontas, Goofy Movie and The Lion King some European releases (QTY)
200 250 Bid Live
82 ABC Radio Networks poster 100 150 Bid Live
83 Film: five Alfred Hitchcock British quad posters for The Essential Hitchcock re-releases, 1983 150 200 Bid Live
84 The Beatles / Paul McCartney: psychedelic US concert poster, 1990
A promotional poster for Bill Graham Presents Paul McCartney Memorial Stadium 31 Mar 1990, lithograph BGP 37 Bill Graham Singer Tea Lautrec Litho San Francisco, signed in silver ink by David Singer to bottom left
250 300 Bid Live
85 Selection of 1990s limited edition concert poster by ArtRock including Bauhaus, Slayer and The Melvins with artwork by Alan Forbes,
two Bauhaus posters, one by Alan Forbes individually numbered 209/213 and 68/425 respectively, Fabulous Monsters poster by Alan Forbes signed by the artist numbered 270/400, Hand Pulled at Firehouse by Alan Forbes signed by the artist numbered
The Melvins numbered 63/ 140 and Slayer numbered 203/250
200 250 Bid Live
86 Film: Selection of posters from the 1960s / 1970s / 1980s including The Day Mars Invaded Earth, 1962, Grease, Little Injun That Could with Baby Herman and Roger Rabbit, Batman, Bugs Bunny Superstar, 1975, When Harry Met Sally and The Colour of Money
includes the three Grease posters and promo badges Little Injun That Could with Baby Herman and Roger Rabbit printed by Kilian Enterprises, Roger Rabbit, The Crow City of Angels and others. Lot also includes mounted film photographs and a print of Marilyn Monroe's Playboy shoot (QTY)

200 250 Bid Live
87 a sheet of yellow legal paper with handwritten notes by George Harrison detailing his thoughts and feelings of how the tour turned out, double mounted, with a colour photograph of George, framed and glazed
This sheet gives a fascinating insight into his personal thoughts and was possible written as the voiceover introduction to a film which never materialised
800 1200 Bid Live
88 verse card and commemorative coins plaque presentation together with COA. 200 300 Bid Live
89 Original Grease Movie signed film cell presentation plaque together with COA. 250 300 Bid Live
90 John Lennon's first ever self-portrait that he painted at art college in 1958 has emerged for sale with an estimate of £3m.The abstract work in oil depicts a red figure side-on with unflattering features including 'moobs' and a large stomach.Lennon was at Liverpool College of Art with Stuart Sutcliffe, the Beatles original bassist, and this portrait is thought to have been painted as part of a project on their course.During his time at college Lennon became known for drawing cartoons and misshapen, satirical characters. He later dropped out to concentrate on his music.It was during those 12 months that his mother was killed after being hit by a car driven by an off-duty policeman and he also met his first wife Cynthia. He had started at art college that year and it was also in 1958 when he, Paul McCartney and George Harrison first played together. However, this work shows his talent for art, a hobby that later in his life he returned to. The figure in red is set against a black background and looks drawn and despondent. The distinctive spectacles are absent and it appears he had turned his skill for unflattering depictions on himself. 2800000 3000000 Bid Live

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